Richardson : docker devops - Эдуард Кабринский

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Richardson : docker devops - Эдуард Кабринский

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Kabrinskiy Eduard - Azure devops on premise - Eduard Kabrinskiy

<h1>Azure devops on premise</h1>
Azure devops on premise <a href="">Current news</a> Azure devops on premise
<h1>Azure DevOps<br />Services</h1>
<p>Get ready for the next big upgrade!</p>
<p>Azure DevOps is a continuous delivery platform, orchestrator and cloud provider from Microsoft that supplies end-to-end DevOps toolchain for developing and deploying software. It offers flexibility in supporting various languages running on different platforms and deploying on any cloud. It provides a wide range of services and integrates with CI/CD pipeline that helps in complete development cycle. Azure DevOps is reliable, scalable and allows you to deliver faster. If you are using the on-premise platform, moving to Azure DevOps would be an upgrade for your business. Our Azure DevOps services can help you improve business value through various offerings.</p>
<h3>Case study</h3>
<h5>Enhanced Cost Savings for an International Software Company with Azure DevOps Service Migration</h5>
<p>Our Azure DevOps experts helped our client to migrate from TFS on premise to Azure allowing them to access new features at minimum cost. Further, our solution aided them with disaster recovery and back up, thereby improving delivery rate.</p>
<p>Download full case study</p>
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<h3>Azure DevOps Services</h3>
<h3>Azure DevOps Services: Our Assessment</h3>
<p>Azure is a set of cloud services that?s aids in meeting business challenges. With suitable tools and frameworks, you can build, manage and deploy applications on a wide network. You can always be business ready irrespective of language, platform or cloud. It is flexible enough to leverage third party tools like Ansible, Puppet, etc. for integrating, provisioning and managing infrastructure. Also, it is architected in a way to operate with any platform like Linux, windows or MacOS and languages like c++, java, python, etc</p>
<p>With our Azure DevOps consulting services, you can</p>
<p>Plan your projects with <br />agile tools</p>
<p>Manage test plans <br />from web,</p>
<p>Version your code using <br />GitHub</p>
<p>Pull your solutions across platforms for traceability and visibility in your development activity</p>
<p>Our Azure DevOps assessment includes</p>
<p>Researching on the project</p>
<p>Identifying pain points</p>
<p>Setting goals and define metrics</p>
<p>Selecting suitable tools</p>
<p>Designing and monitoring <br />applications on cloud.</p>
<h3>Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline</h3>
<p>Azure DevOps service provides tools to create a complete Azure CI/CD pipeline. During the implementation of DevOps culture, continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline plays the vital role of automatically pushing changes to Azure app services. This helps you to deliver faster value. It enables you to concentrate on developing application than managing its infrastructure.</p>
<p>Our Azure DevOps solutions will help you</p>
<p>Improve uptime of application</p>
<p>Achieve quality and <br />consistency in automated build</p>
<p>Accelerate application development <br />and its cycle</p>
<p>Depending on the level of knowledge that your team possesses and application skills of target audience we carry out the assessment to derive suitable solutions with its services</p>
<p><b>Azure Boards:</b> To track ideas, align, plan, track and collaborate among teams</p>
<p><b>Azure Pipelines:</b> To build, test and deploy applications irrespective of platforms and languages</p>
<p><b>Azure Repos:</b> To manage codes in all version control systems with unlimited Git repository</p>
<p> <b>Azure Artifacts :</b> A Portal that provides access to security and compliance reports</p>
<p><b>Azure Test Plans :</b> Provides tools to create, run manual test plan and create automated test.</p>
<h3>Azure DevOps with Terraform</h3>
<p>Azure DevOps with Terraform is aimed at provisioning infrastructure through pipeline and delivering continuous automated deployment. Terraform orchestrates infrastructure and has the ability to handle configuration like monitoring changes, validating and testing. It further supports the orchestration of database, networks, on-premise and cloud solutions enabling regulated building, configuration and versioning of infrastructure. Besides building and versioning infrastructure, terraform can manage various service providers and in-house solutions.</p>
<p>If your organization wants to automate the entire project creations like build, test and deployment but also have a control over the coherence between projects, then Terraform is all that you need. We understand how terraform tools deals with issues and adapt themselves to the features of Azure DevOps.</p>
<h2>Azure devops on premise</h2>

<h3>Azure devops on premise</h3>
Azure devops on premise <a href="">Top stories</a> Azure devops on premise
<h4>Azure devops on premise</h4>
Our Azure DevOps services supports your business by automating software delivery and accelerates your release cycles. Azure DevOps can be your next big upgrade.
<h5>Azure devops on premise</h5>
Azure devops on premise <a href="">Azure devops on premise</a> Azure devops on premise
SOURCE: <h6>Azure devops on premise</h6> <a href="">Azure devops on premise</a> Azure devops on premise
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